Support Georgia Grown Products at the Georgia Manufacturing Expo on June 8, 2013

Quick! Can you name five products made in Georgia?

Most consumers can’t, says Georgia Manufacturing Expo founder Jason Moss, who often carries a new $100 bill to give to anyone who can win that challenge. “Most consumers are surprised with how little they know about Georgia manufacturers,” says Moss.

“Sadly, consumers have bought into the lie that ‘We just don’t make things in America anymore,’” says Georgia Grown Chief Marketing Officer, Branden Lisi. “That’s just not true. Georgia Grown members and other manufacturers, including producers and processors are making wonderful products and providing jobs. By supporting them, we support our state’s economy. ”

The Georgia Manufacturing Expo on June 8 at the Gwinnett Civic Center will change that by helping businesses and consumers identify and purchase products that are made locally. Admission is free. “Please attend to support your fellow Georgia Grown members and Georgia’s other manufacturers,” says Lisi. “You may find that you can find something you need for your business that’s made right here in Georgia!”

For more information, please visit
Georgia Manufacturing Expo
Date and time:  10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday, June 8
Location:  Gwinnett Civic Center
Admission: Free tickets online prior to June 6
Exhibitors: Georgia Grown members and other commercial and consumer goods manufacturers
Hosted by: NetworkingMFG