Missouri Soybean partners with University of Georgia to commercialize High Oleic soybeans


Jefferson City, MO (November 1, 2021) - In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Missouri Soybean partnered with the University of Georgia (UGA) to execute a commercial license to advance UGA’s High Oleic soybeans. Missouri Soybean has been working on a trait licensing plan with universities to move seed ready for commercialization that meets both quality assurance and quality control standards.

Under this unique partnership, Dr. Zenglu Li, professor in soybean breeding and genetics at UGA, developed elite genetics combined with SOYLEIC® to establish new growing areas for High Oleic production. High Oleic soybean oil is predominately produced in the Midwest, but the development strategy of the non-GM, High Oleic trait progressed the genetics of the seed in all soybean maturity zones of the United States.

“Through an integrated traditional and molecular breeding approach, Dr. Li and his team were able to select and commercialize SOYLEIC® soybean varieties that will further the goal to provide heart healthy oil for human consumption,” said Bryan Stobaugh, Missouri Soybean director of licensing. “Successes in Dr. Li’s program are evident, and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council is looking forward to the future and increasing the acres of High Oleic soybean.”

Today, High Oleic soybeans are leading the way with high functionality while producing zero trans fats. These soybean traits give growers the most opportunity, providing a value-added market for both oil and meal.

“With the discovery of High Oleic genes by the University of Missouri and USDA, we were able to incorporate these genes into the University of Georgia soybean genetics using molecular breeding tools to develop high yielding SOYLEIC® soybean cultivars with a good defensive package in maturity groups VI and VII. Commercializing these SOYLEIC® cultivars will benefit soybean growers, processors and consumers” said Dr. Li.

This partnership gives universities, like Georgia, the ability to license germplasm and get their varieties into the competitive market, which enhances seed genetics for soybean growers nationwide.

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